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PROGRAM on Thursday, 07 Sep. 2023

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery Klopfer


We are a family-run winery in Großheppach in the Remstal. At the Klopfer winery, we have been cultivating a 500-year family tradition of wine production. With respect for nature and the resulting wine, we have been working our vineyards ecologically since 2015 and stand for characterful organic wines. For us and future generations, this is the basis for healthy vines and high-quality wine.


From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery Maier


Hand in hand with nature!

We have acquired our approximately 17 hectare acreage on the best slopes of the Remstal over generations.

In order to cultivate our vineyards even more sustainably, we have been striving for official organic certification since 2020. With the 2023 vintage we will then harvest our first organic vintage.

18:30 - Buddy Bosch

In a selection from his solo program "von ällem ebbes!", Buddy Bosch presents his own songs with funny and thoughtful lyrics as well as well-known Swabian titles.


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Quiet Lane.jpg

19:30 - Quiet Lane

With their new album "feld&wald" Hannes and Simon reflect on the simple and direct of a song with the mission to conjure up dynamics from two voices and two guitars.



With spirituals, modern gospels and a pinch of pop and soul, we take our audience to another world. 

Listen and sing along.

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