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PROGRAM on Wednesday, 06 Sep. 2023

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery Diehl


The winery at Stuttgart-Rotenberg proudly stands for down-to-earth wines with their own character. The vineyards stretching across rolling hills always offer new and surprising perspectives, similar to the lines and contours on our wine labels that symbolize the horizon of our vineyards.


Like the hoopoe, a small migratory bird, our winery is constantly on the move. After a long absence, the hoopoe returned in 2017, almost at the same time as Thomas Diehl, who has been running our winery together with his parents since 2019. Like the worldly hoopoe, Thomas represents the perfect interplay of tradition and fresh, new ideas.


From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery 70469R!


We here in Württemberg know how to “create”, but also how to live and enjoy. In 2011, Fabian Rajtschan, a passionate winemaker out of Stuttgart-Feuerbach, took over the family winery. His philosophy: respect for nature, sustainable action; wine that is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar. His goal: wines that are fun and carry Fabian's own signature.

SWR 4 presents:
Kai Bosch


Kai Bosch presents an excerpt from his current program. He humorously takes up everyday situations, plays with language and is particularly dedicated to inclusion and the reduction of social prejudices.


Kai Bosch.jpg
Bernd Kohlhepp (Herr Hämmerle)_edited.jpg

SWR 4 presents:
Bernd Kohlhepp


The man for certain hours. Herr Hämmerle is the multi-purpose weapon for fighting through the jungle of everyday life. Hämmerle sings, dances, writes and charms. His interaction with audience is legendary!


Seearts quer_edited.jpg

Experience an unforgettable evening at SeeArts Varieté on the Kulturlaube in Stuttgart! Talented local artists and international acts bring a fascinating mix of magic, juggling, poetry, dance and acrobatics to the stage.


Ree_s Showgruppen (Army, Diamonds, Flames).JPG

Ree`s Dance Crew

The dance show under the direction of Reem Wahba, the German Salsa Champion of 2017, presents the 3 Latin American styles Reggaeton, Bachata and Salsa and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!




Kevin Knoche

Kevin Knoche is a professional artist and juggler from Stuttgart and offers you exceptional entertainment at the highest level. Up to 4 diabolos skilfully dance through his strings and at nightfall the flying objects light up the night sky.


Dennis Hauer _edited.jpg

Dennis Hauer

Dennis Hauer juggles up to 7 objects on stage. Whether balls, rings or clubs. Let yourself be enchanted by perfect juggling.


Maurice Grange

Maurice Grange is an outstanding talent in magic! You will enjoy magical, unforgettable and funny moments, wondering where the line between reality and illusion is.


Maurice Grange_edited.jpg


The inspirational street show of Falabares inspires young and old. Magic, poetry and storytelling in a unique combination of juggling and audience interaction.



Kathinka + Lino - Duett Black & White

Kathinka Bassé & Lino da Silva form the duo Black & White, blending Cross Over Fusion style, classical, contemporary & Vaudeville dance with acrobatics, performing internationally at galas and events.


Black & White Kathinka Lino.jpg
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