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PROGRAM on Tuesday, 05 Sep. 2023

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery Dobler


The traditional Dobler Winerycomes from from a long-established family of winegrowers and has been pressing its own wines as an independent winery since 1996. On 10 hectares of vineyards, full-bodied, fruity and noble wines are created in harmony with nature. Careful manual work from the pruning to the harvest, long yeast contact times and traditional mash fermentation for red wines characterize the process. The wines reflect the Remstal terroir and mature in various vessels in the cellar. In addition to the wine bar with seasonal cuisine, son Andreas (2010) and daughter Claudia (2012) work in the business after completing their winemaking apprenticeship.


The FeierabendKollektiv has been establishing and developing the singer-songwriter scene in Stuttgart for 10 years and presents the evening program from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



Omid Gollmer

Subtle, airy chords and vocal lines are woven into a melancholy carpet of sound that lets the listener ascend into mystical spheres and slide down into pensive depths. 


Florijan van der Holz

With his new album "Endlich", FvdH makes the best of a rainy day that throws everything at you unfiltered while you sit thoughtfully at the window. An attempt to master the balancing act between pressure to perform and relationships, between bad news and an afternoon on the playground.

Andy Wilsing Studio 08-2019 Close to me Front_edited.jpg

Andy Wilsing

Andy's songs are profound in word and melody and yet so catchy that you want to hear them again and again - classic catchy tunes. His voice is distinctive and unmistakable paired with his accomplished guitar playing.


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