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Small Laube, great wines.
This year the winery of the city of Stuttgart (Weingut der Stadt Stuttgart) will again present itself small but nice, right in the middle of the Stuttgarter Weindorf in Laube 23. 
You are sure to enjoy the most regional wines of the entire Stuttgarter Weindorf in our exclusive pavilion, along with a small creative menu.

10 good reasons to visit Laube 23:

1. Distance to nearest vineyard: 1281m line of air;
2. Only home-grown wine from home-grown grapes;
3. In the middle and yet in a quiet location;
4. Headphone Party every Thursday from 7-11 p. m. ;
5. Quick quarters for happy hour;
6. Good mood guarantee;
7. Discounted changing dining table;
8. Guests from young to old;
9. Trollinger from the Cannstatt Zuckerle;
10. Nine previous reasons.

We would love for you to celebrate with us again this year at the Stuttgarter Weindorf. Enjoy a fabulous glass of sparkling wine and stop in for a drink. 

Your Weingut from Stuttgart city. 

Contact information

Timo Saier


Winery contact information

Winery of the city of Stuttgart

+49 711 216 57507

Breite Strasse 4, 70173 Stuttgart


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