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At the Stuttgarter Weindorf, Wecause and Trautwein combine what belongs together: a shared passion for creative craftsmanship and quality.


The W30 wine bar is one of the W30 formats that realizes the basic idea of ​​Wecause & Trautwein - to connect people, ideas, visions, cuisine and craftsmanship.

Our arbor offers a creative playground, encompassed by design, architecture and cuisine - from Stuttgart, in Stuttgart and for Stuttgart. Learn more about the idea behind our W30 wine bar at

Together with newly interpreted, excellent traditional Swabian cuisine from the restaurant  “Zur Linde”, stories that resonate are created here and in their eponymous arbor right next door. We are looking forward to returning to the beautiful Marktplatz again this year for the 47th Stuttgarter Weindorf.

Here you will find the arbor W30 Weinbar at the Stuttgarter Weindorf:


Arbor contact information

Wecause x Zur Linde


Gastronomy contact information

Gasthaus zur Linde

0711 986 910 630

Sigmaringerstr. 49, 70567 Stuttgart


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