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A good club is like a good wine

In arbor 38 at the VfB Stuttgart

White and red, well matured - 130 years already, after all - with each sensation from sweet to tart. Sometimes intoxicated with euphoria, sometimes a bitter finish. And yet undoubtedly a Stuttgart cultural asset and as dear to the Swabian as his Viertele. This year, VfB welcomes its guests in arbor 38 of the Weindorf. In doing so, you can enjoy wine and charity - because a visit also involves support for the charitable foundation "Brustring der Herzen - Die VfB-Stiftung". United in the Brustring (chest ring) that symbolically encloses our hearts, as role models on and off the pitch, this sums up the mission of the foundation. The goal: equal opportunities for a healthy, self-determined life for all. Regardless of origin and vintage. In this sense, " zum Wohl" and cheers

Here you will find the arbor VfB Stuttgart at the Stuttgarter Weindorf:


Arbor contact information

Michael Wilhelmer


Gastronomy contact information

Wilhelmer Gastronomie GmbH

0711 66 41 90

Buschlestraße 2a, 70178 Stuttgart


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