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The siblings Alexander & Melanie Weeber will sweeten your Weindorf visit with a large selection of roasted almonds & nut specialties, delicious chocolate fruits and sweet crepes.

As a family business in the 6th generation, quality and love for the job come first. 

Roasted soybeans, raspberry flavored almonds and crepes with Sauvignon Blanc wine jelly: we are again offering some special creations at this year's Stuttgart er Weindorf.
Already tasted?

The Weeber siblings are looking forward to your visit. You will find them at the entrance Schillerplatz at the Weindorf gate.

Here you will find the arbor Süße Laube at the Stuttgarter Weindorf:

Süß B.png

Arbor contact information

Alexander & Melanie Weeber

0177 561 17 91

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