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Weller, Grupp and Diehl together in the STADT LAUBE


All partners are traditional Stuttgart companies that are looking forward to delighting their guests in the summer directly next to the town hall. ​


Birgit Grupp - who together with her family has been a successful Weindorf host for decades, most recently with the "Stadtbesen" - is the experienced host in the team, whose enormous wealth of experience will continue to be invaluable.


WELLER - Das Original, as an innovative and sustainable catering company, with its 55-year history in the city, will buil on this in order to further develop the STADT LAUBE together as a team. On the one hand with Katrin and Carsten Weller, but also already with the next generation - Jil, Phil and Maxi Weller.


Thomas Diehl will perfectly complete this bunch of 3 with the excellent wines of the Diehl family winery. Just like him, the career of the visionary young winemaker is anything but conventional - until three years ago he worked as a management consultant and is now following in his parents' footsteps.


The future of the Stuttgarter Weindorf is in the common - as already the slogan "geWEINsam" indicates.


The triad of good food, good wine and family hospitality is the basis for pleasure and cheerfulness to find a new home in the STADT LAUBE.

"It is important to us to offer people a holistic and sustainable experience of enjoyment and well-being after this time of austerity."


The STADT LAUBE has its own online presence. The website can be found at You can find the latest information and news on Instagram and Facebook at STADT.LAUBE

Contact information

Birgit Grupp


Gastronomy contact information

Paulaner / Birgit Grupp

+49 172 723 97 80

Calwer Strasse 45, 70173 Stuttgart


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