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A modern yet traditional gastronomy is reflected in the ambience of our arbor as well as on the food and beverage menu.

In addition to Swabian classics, the kitchen team also offers new interpretations of Swabian culinary art, such as Laugenweckle (a fresh pretzel roll) with homemade coleslaw and juicy pulled pork.  

Not to be forgotten are the Cannstatter Würschtle (sausages) developed especially for the Stuttgarter Weindorf. The wine menu is selected and offers mainly wines from Bad Cannstatt, Untertürkheim and Fellbach. A point of honor for host Christian List, who was born and raised in Stuttgart's most traditional and sunny Bad Cannstatt district. A large selection of Sprizz drinks are another highlight of the arbor.

In addition to Hugo, Aperol Sprizz, the bar also offers new creations such as Inge, Sommer-Schorle and Raspberry Sprizz.


Here you will find the arbor Der Rote Hirsch at the Stuttgarter Weindorf:

Roter Hirsch.png

Arbor contact information

Christian List

0711 8703 55 01


Gastronomy contact information

Christian List GastroConcept GmbH

0711 80 60 910

Krefelder Strasse 32, 70376 Stuttgart


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