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PROGRAM on Wednesday, 30 Aug. 2023

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Winery Diehl

The Diehl am Rotenberg winery proudly stands for down-to-earth wines with their own character. The vineyards, stretching across rolling hills, always offer new and surprising perspectives, similar to the lines and contours on our wine labels that symbolize the horizon of our locations.

Like the hoopoe, a small migratory bird, our winery is constantly on the move. After a long absence, the hoopoe returned in 2017, nearly at the same time as Thomas Diehl, who has been running our winery together with his parents since 2019. Like the worldly hoopoe, Thomas represents the perfect interplay of tradition and fresh, new ideas.


The Princess of Rebhausen and the Kapellmeister

Listen, folks! For the refreshment and amusement of the people of Stuttgart, Her Highness the Princess von Rebhausen, accompanied by her conductor, gives a small concerto.


Our Street Band

After our proven Street Band the official opening and theWhen our landlords entered the Old Castle, she has the honor of serenading us a few times at the BW-Bank Kulturlaube.

streetband 17 Kopie.jpg
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