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PROGRAM on Sunday, 10 Sep. 2023

14:00 - Nico Reyes

Nicolás Reyes has been a set designer since 2006 and has worked on various plays. His show tells the story of the clown Yunke through music, juggling, dance and acrobatics and invites you to take a more relaxed look at life.


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Floor LegendZ_edited.jpg

15:00 - Floor LegendZ

Floor LegendZ stands for the best entertainment: Breakdance, top level dancing and acrobatic skills as well as comedy and interaction with the audience ensure a unique experience.


16:00 - Falabares

The inspirational street show of Falabares inspires young and old. Magic, poetry and storytelling in a unique combination of juggling and audience interaction.


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17:00 - Oana Popa

In her works, the Romanian artist, who lives in Switzerland, negotiates the complexity of her identity, shaped by two contrasts: her family background and the progression in Western Europe.


18:00 - Christina Simone Stahl

Simone performs her songs from 8 years of songwriting, from a haphazard traveler to a mother of two in a very ordinary life.


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