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PROGRAM on Saturday, 02 Sep. 2023

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
kleines gut


"kleines gut" is not just a small thing, "kleines gut" makes fine wines from great locations.

small and fine!?


kleines Gut.jpg

From 5 p.m. at the wine bar:
Ökologische Gemeinschaft Naturwein e.V.


A new association for a different perspective on wine. With its members, the ÖGN protects steep-slope vineyards on the Cannstatter Zuckerle. There are only wines if you actively help in the vineyard. 

Become a member!

14:00 - Floor LegendZ

Floor LegendZ stands for the best entertainment: Breakdance, top level dancing and acrobatic skills as well as comedy and interaction with the audience ensure a unique experience.


Floor LegendZ_edited.jpg
Angie the clown.jpeg

15:00 - Angie the Clown

Angie follows in the tradition of the red-nosed clowns; Street art that trains the funny bone. A musical, acrobatic and above all entertaining solo show.


16:00 - Bella from the Block

Zumba party at the Stuttgarter Weindorf! Suitable for anyone who has always wanted to try Zumba.


Bella from the block_edited.jpg

18:00 - Charisius on Kora

With open, free, soothing sounds, accompanied by the harp instrument Kora, tells the powerful music of Charisius. It creates a relaxed atmosphere in which there is also room for deep feelings.


19:00 - Lou Bason

The Ukrainian singer-songwriter is known for his willingness to experiment and for crossing traditional genre boundaries. His new EP "142" offers insight into his experiences, emotions and inner turmoil.


Lue Bason_edited.jpg

20:00 - Gwasch

How about a sing along?

You wish, we play, you sing along!

From The Beatles to System of a Down, there's something for everyone. 

Whether oblique, polyphonic, too high, too low: everything should and must!


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