The Stuttgart Weindorf – Swabian way of life

The Swabian Way of Life

For the past 40 years Stuttgart has held its Weindorf and for more than 30 years the festival has been celebrated in Hamburg too. It is an unique festival at which millions of visitors celebrate together in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.

The Stuttgart Wine Festival or Weindorf meanwhile has become a well-known ambassador in the role of promoting Swabian lifestyle and content way of life. The unique atmosphere probably is one of the main reasons why this event has been successfully held in St. Gallen in Switzerland and also in Bruxelles in Belgium. It has also travelled to Berlin twice. The Pro Stuttgart e.V., organizer of the Weindorf, is happy and proud to experience the great feedback not only from citizens and visitors, but also by the city’s and state’s official organizations.


Stuttgart and its wine – a long tradition and history

Stuttgart and its wineThere were times when Stuttgart had more wine than water. The citizens lived off winegrowing, which has a long tradition here and has existed for more than 1000 years . White and red grapes obviously grew perfectly in this region thanks to a mild climate and ideal conditions. On the occasion of Duke Ulrichs wedding in the 16th century, the fountains in front of the New Palace were filled with wine instead of water- at least that is what we learn from historical legends.

We no longer live off the winegrowing, but we still live with it. According to statistics the average consumption of wine in Baden-Württemberg is approximately half as much as in the whole of Germany, in Stuttgart however it’s twice as much, which explains why so little of our wine is found outside the State’s border. People drank the wine themselves and for a very long time our wines were recommended as an insiders’ tip.

The first Weindorf

The first WeindorfTraditionally we enjoy our wines in „Besenwirtschaften“ – small, local guesthauses, usually run by winegrowers ,where the wines are served with homemade, traditional food. This custom provides the background and idea of the Stuttgarter Weindorf : a typical, regional , peaceful ,gemütlich -swabian winefestival in the heart of Stuttgart’s city center. The first Weindorf took place in 1976. Ever since thousands and thousands of citizens and visitors enjoy the great atmosphere in 31 typical „Weinlauben“, very elaborately decorated wooden open-air restaurants for 12 days. Students, families, tourists, managers – everybody meets at the Weindorf . Year after year …

Beverage and food

As you pass through the 28 open-air restaurants, the typical „Weinlauben“, you will have the choice of up to 500 local wines from Baden and Wurttemberg including red, white, rosé and a selection of sparkling wines too. You may also like to try the delicious, popular hot and cold regional specialities, open all day from 11 am until 11pm, Thursdays to Saturdays even until midnight. Hot and cold non- alcoholic drinks are available everywhere.

Alongside the 28 wine cabins are also 3 stands offering local delicacies of sweets and chocolates

Follow this link to locations and contacts of all participants

Guided Tours

If you want to learn more about the specialities of Baden-Württemberg, about its wines and food, why not join us for a guided walking tour of the Weindorf, including food-and winetasting.

Meeting Point: Altes Schloß Innenhof (courtyard)
1st – 6th September 2015, daily at 3pm for 2hours, 22 Euro pP, winetasting and entrance fee for the marvellous glass-collection in the Old Castle are included.

For further information and booking please contact your guide Doris Schöpke-Bielefeld, Mobile: (++49)171 6731229 or Fon: (++49)711 677 1897


Weinboulevard - Magazine for swabian wine culture In June 2006 the organizer Pro Stuttgart e.V. decided to create a wine magazine . Already the first edition turned out to be a great success. The magazine is all about regional wines, wine-culture , winegrowing, recipes, wine events and ,with Stuttgart being the second largest winegrowing region in Germany, there are plenty of subjects and information to report and discuss!

If you click on one of the pictures below, you will be able to see and download the Weinboulevards – only in German language.


Weindorf-Brevierle There is a great number of people with various talents involved in the wine festival, such as Erika Wilhelmer. Along with many others, she has been participating at the Weindorf from its outset. She is the editor of a tourism magazine which is published every 6 months and of the „Weindorfbrevierle“ , a smaller brochure which includes lots of useful information about and around the Weindorf as well as sharing popular Swabian recipes.

Facts and figures

Date: 24th August- 4th September 2016

Opening hours: Daily from 11.30am – 11pm, Thursday to Saturdays 11.30am until midnight

location: Stuttgart city center, Marktplatz, Schillerplatz, Kirchstraße

how to get there: Easily acessible by public transport,
U-Bahn stations: Charlottenplatz, Rathaus, Schlossplatz
S-Bahn stations: Hauptbahnhof, Stadtmitte
Many car parks and parking places within walking distance